Jon Fixx

Jon Fixx is a wanted man. Brides have him on speed dial. Grooms appreciate his discretion. Parents brag about his services. Bridesmaids fight over him for the first dance. Jon never imagined his original and personalized newlywed novellas would be such a lucrative hit. He’s never missed a deadline. He’s never received a complaint. Every couple he has ever written about thrilled with their very own hardcover, Hollywood-styled romance. Until now…

The love of Jon’s life has left him for another man. His most recent newlywed novella was received with tears (from the bride) and threats (from her powerful father). But Jon doesn’t care. Without his muse, he’s nothing. How can he be expected to write about budding romance when his love life is in pieces?

He may not have a choice. He’s under contract to finish one more novella for Maggie Vespucci, the daughter of the most powerful mob boss in New York, and Marco Balducci, a rising star in the mob ranks. Maggie’s father, Tony, will do anything to make his daughter happy. Tony tells Jon: write the novella, or else.

When the FBI shows up on Jon’s doorstep, he realizes he has far more to worry about than his broken heart. Only his writing can save him, and it’s going to take more than some fancy writing to get him out of this mess. With his cross-dressing best friend, Luci, and his recently hired ex-Special Forces bodyguard, Donovan, Jon has a slim chance of finishing the job before he runs out of time. Mob secrets run deep, and Jon soon discovers he could be digging his own grave.

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  • "Fluck’s prose is funny, frenetic, and full of life, propelling readers through each new plot development like a great popcorn flick. Nearly every sentence holds satisfying surprises and often unexpected humor… The pacing is quick, the characters well-drawn, and the twists don’t let up. Overall, this is a great read for anyone looking for escape. An exciting, comical page-turner about the gritty underbelly of love."

    Kirkus Reviews

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  • “Just when you think a genre has been plucked of unique characters and compelling plot lines, a new detective novel comes along to show that the depth of hard-boiled crime fiction has yet to be plumbed…[Fluck] has a strong grasp on dialogue, his characters have meat on their bones, and his humor is reminiscent of Raymond Chandler’s wit…”

    Peter Durantine

    Freelance journalist – New York Times, Reuters, Philadelphia Daily News

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  • “Jason Squire Fluck has written a smart novel that embraces many of the conventions found in the detective genre, thus earning its place in that section of the bookstore — but Jon Fixx also breaks with enough of them to land in popular/literary fiction as well... Jon Fixx is a very satisfying experience for readers who like their detective stories fully fleshed-out with plenty of individualistic characters, cross-currents of plot and personality, thoughtful ruminations on the state of the world and a satisfying conclusion...”

    Mona Houghton

    Author, Frottage & Even As We Speak—Two Novellas, 2012 Gold Award winner

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  • “Jon Fixx…is a creature of love. Fixx’s own love life resembles a tortured, Hieronymus Bosch-fabricated landscape of disappointment and betrayal…He’s a modern-day Cyrano de Bergerac who’s unlucky in love himself but clever at channeling the romances of his clients through his art.”

    John Schwada

    Media Consultant & Freelance Columnist/Journalist

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  • “This novel pushes the boundaries far beyond what the average detective novel lays out. Instead of a surface level “whodunnit” storyline, Jason Squire Fluck has created a puzzle of sorts that draws the reader deep into the lives of characters, the tangled relationships, and even the cities themselves. Just by opening the book and beginning with the first page, the reader embarks upon an intricate journey of twists and turns, hopes and fears, love and hate that create a masterpiece of fiction writing with each new layer of Jon Fixx’s world.”

    Kathryn Christolear

    Educator and Avid Reader

  • “Jon Fixx is an edge of your seat read and one that is hard to put down. It’s rich in plot and character, and I want to read the next installment of it!”

    Piper Templeton

    Author, Rain Clouds and Waterfalls

Jason Squire Fluck

Jason Squire Fluck

Born in California and raised in Pennsylvania, Jason spent most of his childhood with his nose in a book. After reading Watership Down, The Count of Monte Cristo and The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings multiple times in elementary school, Jason was inspired to one day be an author.

After graduating with honors from college with a degree in Anthropology, Jason moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and writing. He has written numerous film scripts and stage plays, is co-owner of The Sweat Shoppe spin studio, and a dedicated family man. Jon Fixx is his first novel.


A Different Kind of Hero

different kind of hero

In a recent interview, I was asked if I intentionally created Jon Fixx to offer up a new modern-day hero archetype to the literary landscape: a man who is openly fragile, sensitive, emotionally available, willing to shamelessly shed tears over a woman. The simple answer was, “No, that was not my intention.” Read more.

Get to Know the Author

Getting to Know Jason

He is a dedicated family man who inspires riders at The Sweat Shoppe and sells real estate in Southern California, but did you know he also wrote a debut novel named to BEST OF 2015 by Kirkus Reviews? Check out this video of Jason talking about his novel.



Looking back, I recognize that my path toward the training life was no accident. I’m not going to say it was preordained, but I realize that my upbringing provided a strong base for which I will be forever grateful. My family is active, and they live healthy lives. Read more.


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